Italian wines

A great opportunity to taste the riches of Italian wines


As our regular customers will know we love sourcing wines which deliver on flavour, price and quality; some to drink whilst young and exciting and others for laying down to mellow quietly. During our research, it has been Italy that has come up trumps with some excellent examples, so many in fact we have put together a Special Italian Shipment of our favourite wines, so everyone can enjoy our discoveries.

Italy wine has a fascinating history and has recently over taken France as the largest producer in the world. The harsh Spring frosts seen in France over the last few years has reduced yields dramatically particularly in Bordeaux and Burgundy, and this coupled with high demand from the Far East, has resulted in a squeeze on supply. Prices sadly reflect this and for many, French wines have become less affordable, and this is where the Italians can and have stepped in.


Wine is produced in all of Italy’s 20 regions from with well-known names such as Soave, Chianti, Valpolicella, Barolo and Montepulicano D’Abruzzo. The wines are characterful, interesting and diverse and available in many different styles. The varying effects of climate and terroir on the viticulture from the North to the South of Italy is extensive, add that to the enormous number of indigenous grape varieties grown alongside international varieties, and the picture painted is complex.


Within the Italian wine laws, DOCG is the highest quality classification followed by DOC and IGT equivalent to Vin de Pays in France. Other commonly used terms are Classico which acknowledges “that wines have been made solely from the original classified land and includes many of the best wines from the area” and Riserva meaning “wines have higher alcohol levels and longer ageing minimums stipulated by the appellation laws” (WSET)


Italian producers are a passionate and flamboyant bunch and their continued investment in modern winemaking machinery and techniques has paid off handsomely along with improved vineyard management. The greater understanding of “green harvesting” or crop thinning and accurate temperature control in the winery, has given their wines freshness, replacing the baked jammy stewed fruit tastes of the past.


Interested in delving into the delights Italy can offer? Then please do get in touch to find out more about our Special Italian Shipment (min. order 6 bottles)