Goodness where did 2017 go! Our wine business had another good year continuing to grow organically and we are enjoying meeting lots of local people, some of whom just enjoy drinking wine and some who wish to learn more about the fascinating subject.


The main news in the wine trade at the moment is not surprisingly the effect the exchange rate is having on the price of a bottle of wine but also the impact of the devastating frosts that hit the Bordeaux area and other European regions a year ago and the subsequent 30% drop in yields. Last Autumn we also witnessed many vineyards and wineries in California, Portugal and Northern Spain being destroyed by wildfires. But what we are constantly hearing is that although volumes are low, putting pressure on prices everywhere, the quality is high and in many regions grape varieties, Grenache, Syrah particularly, loved the conditions of the hot summer with just the right amount of rain.


We have been spending the early part of this year travelling to  several Trade Tastings sourcing such wines to find the best examples of the new vintages.  Our aim is to increase the number of wines in our portfolio that deliver great flavour whether it be full-bodied or delicate and which still offer great value.  We are particularly focusing on Italy and Spain where producers continue to challenge the French by bringing exceptionally well-made wines to the market. We can’t wait to show-off these new wines in our forthcoming free tastings.


Back in Devon we are looking forward to the end of May when we will be opening our newly converted Stable Events Room formerly an old barn. It is in a charming location with wonderful views up Blackpool Valley. There is a large kitchen perfect for outside caterers and a pretty upstairs room suited to all kinds of functions from Wine Tastings & family celebrations to corporate days. So if you think it is just what you are looking for, come and see how lovely it is just call us first to sort out a convenient time.

01803 770737 or email: wines@michaelsuttonscellar.co.uk